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Female King of Egypt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Female King of Egypt - Essay Example Hatshepsut was the eldest child of eighteenth dynasty pharaoh ruler, Thutmose I (1504-1492 B.C.E.) and Ahmose his wife. She married her step-brother Thutmose II (1482-1497 B.C.E.) She had only one daughter, Neferture. After the death of Thutmose II, the throne was inherited by Thutmose III, his son from a non-royal background wife, Isis. Thutmose III was still very young when he was handed over the throne and Hatshepsut became regent for her stepson and nephew. During this time she reigned as an independent ruler and later when Thutmose III became of the age to hold his office as ruler Hatshepsut did not step down but co-ruled with her stepson.Hatshepsut wanted the power all to herself, and co-ruling was exactly the opposite of her desires. She already had experienced the power and control over the whole of the kingdom, where people worshiped her and obeyed her unquestioningly. But Egypt’s dynasty system allowed only a man to be the ruler and Hatshepsut main hurdle was this co ndition. In Egypt, it was believed that the king or the ruler was the connection between the people and Gods. King's main duty was to please the Gods which in turn would grant flourish and bounties of blessings to Egypt. This whole process of pleasing Gods and getting prosperity for Egypt was a balance called â€Å"maat†. This maat could only be achieved by a king and it was believed that in the absence of a king Egypt will be destroyed. Being a female was the biggest hurdle in achieving complete power. She, in order to gain complete control over the throne, dressed in Pharaoh’s clothes, which were obviously manly, a beard specific to a king, a ceremonial wig and declared herself as the pharaoh of Egypt. In order to be accepted by the people as genuine king, she planned the whole thing for years and made up a story of her divine birth and approval of Gods for her kingship. She claimed that she is in fact daughter of one of the God’s,† Amun†. She even ordered men to show the whole story in artistic illustrations, which is typical belonging to that era. To make her story completely credible, She made the artists include the text’s which are supposed to be from the God Amun himself, â€Å"this daughter of mine†¦I have appointed successor upon my throne†¦it is she who will lead you. Obey her words and unite yourselves at her command†.

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